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Whether you’re a student, parent, employee, employer or retiree, a better-educated work force benefits all of us. Our statewide goal is to have 55% of working age adults hold a 2- or 4-year college degree by the year 2025.

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What is 55 by ‘25?

Our Mission

55 by ’25 is a community-­action campaign coordinated by Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education, that raises awareness, creates urgency, and invites community-wide participation to achieve Hawaii’s education goal: 55 percent of working age adults (25–64 years old) having a two-­ or four-­year degree by the year 2025. To achieve this important goal, support is needed for students and teachers across the education spectrum—from early childhood through college completion.

The 55 by ’25 campaign urges businesses, community and civic organizations, parents and students to make education a high priority and to join the thousands of people in Hawaii who are already working hard to achieve the 55 by ‘25 goal.

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Why College

College Benefits Go Beyond Earnings

In addition to earning more, college educated Millennials also have lower unemployment and poverty rates than their less-educated peers. They’re also more likely to be married and less likely to be living in their parent’s home.

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Pacific Business News: May 15, 2015: Did you know Hawaii residents with a bachelor’s degree will earn on average $27,000 more per year than residents with only a high school diploma? Therefore, continuing to reform our public education system and getting more graduates into college are critical to improving our business climate.

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Star Advertiser: May 13, 2015: Having a post-secondary education provides the best opportunity for working-age adults, for the knowledge and skills attained in education beyond high school are essential to a living wage and the ability to sustain a family in Hawaii. Higher levels of education will not only benefit our state and local economy, but also the quality of life for Hawaii residents.

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Success Stories

More Farrington High School Students Going to College

Farrington High School stands out in the 2015 College & Career Readiness Indicators (CCRI) report, which looks at the performance of the Class of 2014 across a variety of key measurements, including proficiency, graduation, college-going and dual enrollment rates. This year’s report shows students at Farrington High School are much better prepared for college and career. In just six years, the school’s college enrollment rate has skyrocketed from 39% in 2009 to 51% in 2014.

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Our Progress


UPDATED! As of 2013, 44.3 percent (up from 42.6% in 2012) of Hawaii’s working age adults (ages 25–64) held a two­‐ or four­‐year degree, according to U.S.Census Data. That's 11, 332 more adults with a postsecondary degree in 2013 vs. 2012.

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40% said Absolutely a necessity


45% said Helpful but not a necessity


13% said Not necessary


2% said Don't know

As of Winter 2015, the number of Hawaii adults polled statewide who said a college education is NOT necessary decreased to 13% (from 17% in Winter 2012). (Omnitrak People’s Pulse, Winter 2015)

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In 2012­‐2013 school year, 71% of 3rd graders in HIDOE were considered proficient in reading by end of third grade (i.e. reading at grade level).

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“As Hawaii’s largest health care provider, we are always looking for skilled workers to fill a range of positions at our four hospitals and more than 50 outpatient clinics and service sites located statewide. Ensuring Hawaii’s emerging workforce is prepared to fill these jobs and the many others needed across all industries is very important to us. We encourage everyone in Hawaii, especially our business community, to join us in supporting this effort so we can meet the goal of 55 percent of working age adults holding a college degree by 2025.” — Ray Vara, President and CEO of Hawaii Pacific Health.

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