About 55 by ’25

Our Mission

55 by ’25 is a community-­action campaign coordinated by Hawaii P-­20 Partnerships for Education, that raises awareness, creates urgency, and invites community-­wide participation to achieve Hawaii’s education goal: 55 percent of working age adults (25–64 years old) having a two-­or four-­year degree by the year 2025.

To achieve this important goal, support is needed for students and teachers across the education spectrum—from early childhood through college completion. The 55 by ’25 campaign urges businesses, community and civic organizations, parents and students to make education a high priority and to join the thousands of people in Hawaii who are already working hard to achieve the 55 by ‘25 goal.

Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education is a statewide partnership led by the Executive Office on Early Learning, the Hawaii State Department of Education and the University of Hawaii System that is working to strengthen the education pipeline from early childhood through higher education so that all students achieve career and college success.