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What can your company do to help achieve our 55 by ’25 goal?

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  • Set a goal for employees in your organization to complete college.
  • Provide legislative support and testimony in support of education.
  • Participate in the Hawaiʻi P-20 speakers’ bureau to spread the word about the importance of education.
  • Create internships in your organization for high school and college students.
  • Provide tuition assistance for employees to take college classes.
  • Allow flexible work schedules for employees to get a college degree or more college training.
  • Provide college scholarships for your employees and/or their families.
  • Click here to request an article from Hawaiʻi P-20 that can be included in your company newsletter.
  • Click here to request a 55 by ’25 campaign logo which can be placed on your company website to show your support.
  • Volunteer at your local school
  • Keep up to date with Hawaiʻi P-20 Partnerships for Education at or

There are many more things you can do to help achieve our 55 by ’25 goal.

Perhaps you are already doing something or know of something that may be beneficial that is not listed here? Please help us by sharing your suggestion. We may end up posting it for all to see!

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