Students Receive Free Textbooks as Part of 15 to Finish Initiative

As University of Hawaii students head back to school, some are receiving free text books for the fall semester. As part of the “15 to Finish” Campaign, 18 students were awarded free text books worth approximately $18,000, for completing 30 or more credits in the previous year.

The “15 to Finish” campaign focuses on encouraging students to take 15 credits a semester or 30 credits in a year in order to complete their degree on time. Research shows that students taking 15 credits or more do better academically and are more likely to complete their degree on time. Completing a degree on time is the best way to reduce educational costs and start earning an income. The “15 to Finish” campaign is part of the UH Hawaii Graduation Initiative and one of the many programs focused on improving on-time completion (two years for an associate degree and four years for a bachelor’s degree). UH created the 15 to Finish campaign in 2012, and at least 22 other states have adopted similar 15 to Finish initiatives. For more information on the campaign click here.